Is the playing field for advertisers about to get bigger?

by Kesh Morjaria on October 11, 2012

Some companies run advertising campaigns to try and get inside your psyche to make you believe that they are the number one brand in their field.

Other companies do not have to try so hard – because they are the top in their field. Think of an online retailer, for example, and what do you think of?

How much would you pay to pop up on Amazon?

Amazon, yes?

That’s right. And that’s because Amazon is now a household name in the global household. So, just imagine how powerful it would be for companies to be able to advertise on Amazon. Yes, I know it’s hard to believe they don’t already, well, they do… sort of – but that’s all changing.

So why is this so important? Well, the one thing Amazon has more of than anything else is their database of customers – a database containing every single customer’s actual buying trends. Not just trends based on some form of statistical analysis of probabilities or possibilities – but actual day to day purchase behaviour. It’s not just BIG data – it’s BIG RELEVANT FACTUAL data.

This is significant. When marketers run market research exercises, the information is based on people’s thoughts, perceptions, memories and, dare I say it, fabrications. But Amazon’s data is fact!

With this in mind, look out for Amazon moving the goalposts and making significant groundbreaking moves in the world of advertising. Demand will be massive. I expect costs will be too.

But, in comparison with Facebook’s faltering attempts at capturing the advertising market, this one could well be the holy grail.

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