How to monetize what’s in your head!

by Kesh Morjaria on September 11, 2012

How to monetize what’s in your head

Whether you have been active in your line of business for a short while or for many years, it is fair to say, is it not, that you have knowledge about your job.

Obvious, I know. But what I mean is; compared to the customer who wants to purchase your “product” you know a damn sight more than they do. That is because you have been trained, because you have experience etc.

And all this experience is represented as knowledge – knowledge that is in your head – knowledge that, if you could find the right medium to broadcast through, would be of great interest to your current and future customers. After all, that is how we, as customers, choose who we go to for our “products” – we go to who we believe has the most knowledge on the subject – can do the best job, right?

But how can you make money out of this knowledge through your marketing?

There are multiple ways to achieve this. Here’s one you may not have considered.

How would you like to have your very own smart phone App, with your company logo displayed and publishing new posts every time you add a blog to your website?

The PB logo looking cool on the iPhone

Think about it. Every time you submit a blog article to your website, it will be automatically pushed out to your subscribers.

Sound too technical? Too expensive?

Not anymore. This is just another facet of the platform we call Social Media – it is evolving on a daily basis – and this is just one exciting idea that is now easily achievable.

Would that not be a cool way to keep in touch with your database of customers?

What? You don’t have a blog?

You don’t have time to write?

You don’t know what to say?

Don’t worry, all those problems can now be easily overcome.

Over the coming days I will explain how to share your knowledge as a marketing tool on the various social media platforms.

I’ll keep you posted!

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