Every Picture Tells a Story

by Kesh Morjaria on May 8, 2012

Mona Lisa

Think of the power of Mona Lisa on Facebook Timeline

Every Picture Tells a Story

It’s often said that you can relate a story far better in pictures than in words, and far more succinctly too.
Pictures can be more engaging, more colourful and as a consequence, more inviting.
Take the Mona Lisa, for instance. No picture has generated so much interest, so many written words than this one piece and yet, it is still a matter of debate and objectivity as to its meaning.
One thing is for sure – it is a powerful image.
Now take a well-written piece of copy – perhaps for your website, or some other form of your marketing. Companies spend thousands, millions, trying to come up with the ideal copy for their branding – yet look at the most well-know brands – Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Nike and the like – recognisable by their logo alone – they do not need descriptive copy.
Which is why Facebook have recently launched Timeline. Timeline has shifted the balance of interaction from textual to pictorial – in a flash.
From the encapsulating cover image, to the profile picture, the image-driven Apps and Facebook’s recent acquisition of Instagram, Facebook is seeking to draw in visitor interest by the of the image – feeding on the user’s imagination and the skill of the graphic.
So the time for procrastinating over Facebook’s recent changes is over – it is up to you now to use the enhanced power of the Facebook timeline to tell your story – whether it is going back through your company’s history and re-telling your unique story using images and milestones, or announcing upcoming events or promotions, it’s time to get creative and harness the power of the image – through Facebook.

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