How Businesses waste their most valuable asset?

by Kesh Morjaria on March 15, 2012

How Businesses waste their most valuable asset?

I asked a very successful person in business “what makes you so successful?”

He responded with one word – “focus”.

I  pressed a little further - ”what do you mean by ‘focus’?”

“Are other people in business not focused?”

He explained further, “I wake up before sunrise and, after getting myself fresh and ready, I lock myself in a room for about an hour and a half. This is my time to make sure I use the rest of my day wisely.”

He continued, “I review my goals; what has been done, what’s being done and what needs  to done.

Only then do I come out to face the day”.

Nigel Botterill, entrepreneur - keeps focused

You see this man’s secret is perhaps that he values his time more than money. Could concentrating more on money than time be the crucial factor why most people fail in business?

It got me thinking about this with regards the hundreds of business executives I have the opportunity to meet on a regular basis.  Many have confessed to me earning millions  only to lose it later – however many go about making back what they have lost back.

Imagine if you lose a couple of thousand pounds/dollars through a bad business deal,an unlucky break or whatever, you have the opportunity to recover, re-earn or recoup the loss, however if you lose a couple years – now that is pratically impossible to recover from.

Look, if you are in your 40′s you cannot ever be 16 again!

This suggests that time, or perhaps

how you, as a business leader, value and devote your time may be one of the key factors towards success in business.   This may even include who you communicate within during your personal time!

Time for me to wrap up with food for thought – those who are ready to help may not have the necessary success qualifications to help, however those who do may not really want to help!

Tough job for CEO’s to select their consultants wisely!


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