From hating Twitter to loving Twitter?

by Kesh Morjaria on February 14, 2012

From hating Twitter to loving Twitter? 

I was having dinner the other day with someone in her early 50′s and the topic of Social Media cropped up. She said “I do not see the point of facebook or Twitter at all’ and went on to explain why!

What’s the practical use of having thousands of followers or friends?

There no way of keeping up them and why would ever be interested in me. She went further to question why so many are being ”social” on social media yet have no time for being “social” to the real people around them.

Mrs. Stephen Fry

Mrs. Stephen Fry - Stephen Fry's alter ego

A fair point, you might think.

However she did admit to the fact that there are millions of people spending so much time on facebook or Twitter, so there must be something captivating that she is missing. But she did not know what.

I asked if she could ever see herself ever using Twitter and she responded at lighting speed – NO WAY!

A little later on in the evening she happened to mention that she simply loves the actor, comedian and TV personality Stephen Fry.  I seized on this opportunity to explain to her about how Mr Fry communicates with his long-suffering alter ego “wife” Mrs Stephen Fry on Twitter in front of nearly 4m every day.

Suddenly she said, “Oh! In that case I am now tempted to join Twitter! That I would find interesting!”

Y’see? Everyone has their own reasons – so what’s yours?

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