What makes businesses valuable and almost bullet-proof?

by Kesh Morjaria on January 19, 2012

What makes businesses valuable and almost bullet-proof?

Most businesses sell goods or services that are in demand – that is why they are still in business. However this only remains so until the demand drops or customers find an alternative supplier.

Businesses that have invested their time, effort and money in building their list of contacts have a HUGE advantage over others and are virtually bullet-proof – even in times of recession. These companies think of new products or services which they present to the people on their list by the way of Informing, Engaging and Helping them to understand their products – to the extent that that they make their customers believe they could not do without them and need to purchase.

Take Apple, for example, apart from creating great products that people did not know they wanted has also invested its time, effort and money building its contacts list and currently have over 300m people subscribed (with their credit cards details too). No wonder this company is the 2nd most valuable company in the world!

Is your business investing time, effort and money building your list?

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