Is Social Media Marketing helping your business to succeed or fail?

by Kesh Morjaria on January 28, 2012

Burberry - turned fortunes around by effective use of social media

Business owners who are not mindful as to how to communicate their message swiftly and concisely are almost certainly destined to fail.

Businesses that grow continually despite extraneous circumstances, who understand their own product, know what they do, and know what motivates people to keep buying, recommending, etc… are paying out very little on marketing.

With the help of digital technology they are getting their message delivered and understood. Companies who are not embracing digital technology are simply not getting the message out.

This has made an enormous difference to the net profits of some well-known companies. Take Burberry’s, for example, who embraced fully in digital technology through social media to transmit their message and have turned the fortunes around. They have just posted their best year ever.

It is surprising how many business owners do not even acknowledge internal and external communication as a key issue let alone investing time and resources into digital technology. Perhaps they don’t yet realise the importance. All they have to do is look their net profit.

If Burberrys can post record profits in an “economic downturn” I wonder why you have not.

If you believe the world is helping you succeed – you succeed

If you believe the world is helping you fail – you fail.

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