So many Social Media platforms – which holds YOUR X-Factor?

by Kesh Morjaria on November 16, 2011

    So many Social Media platforms – which holds YOUR X-Factor?

It’s getting to the point now, following Twitter’s continued rise in popularity, Facebook’s recent major changes, the dramatic uptake of Google+ and now, new major additions to LinkedIn, that it’s getting harder to know which is the right one for you – which one has the X-Factor for you… or your company.

Which platform has the X-Factor for you?

Of course, the answer must be – use them all. That way you have all your bases covered.

And, well, yes I have to admit that that may well be the correct answer. However, to help us along this road, it is becoming ever more clear that the reason the major Social Media platforms are changing so much so often, is simply that they are liking what each other is doing and copying them.

By way of example, Facebook, as we all know (seen the film, got the T-Shirt) started out as a “social” network, but duly transformed itself into a major marketing tool for business, whereas LinkedIn – which pre-dated Facebook by a year – was launched as a business to business tool but was represented only by individuals.

The anomaly was… I say “was” as the situation has recently been rectified… that Facebook, having made the transformation to people to business pages, and therefore, arguably the leading platform for business marketing, was stealing a march on LinkedIn from what the latter had originally intended.

So, finally, and somewhat belatedly, LinkedIn has now included the feature to allow companies to “follow” companies. And given, the sheer quantity of LinkedIn members, all of whom represent A COMPANY, this change is likely to have far-reaching ramifications.

In fact, it is likely, that LinkedIn company pages will spring up all over the place and at a phenomenal rate – like the first rainwaters of spring on a parched desert – and the landscape for Social Media could well be changing again.

What this is all evolving into, really, is a levelling out of the differences between the various platforms. The more they adopt each other’s attributes, the more they become like one another and the easier it is to maintain a presence in all platforms – by using the same copy.

It may be that one day, one of the platforms may gobble up the other as the market will have no need for so many in such a confined space, but until then, it’s time to up the ante and flood your message throughout the whole social landscape.

So which has the X-Factor for you? Ultimately that’s your choice – for me? They all do.

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