How well do you know your Google?

by Kesh Morjaria on September 16, 2011

How well do you know your Google?

Is it just a search engine? A Holy Grail that many businesses try (usually in vain) to get to the top of? A vehicle for adverts? A useful large-storage email address?

Well, you may not be surprised to know that Google happens to be all those and a whole lot more – and it has to be.

It has to be as there are fierce competitors challenging and, occasionally overtaking (Facebook anyone?) for their market share. It is reckoned that globally, ten times more time is spent on Facebook than Google - so Google simply has to expand and embrace.

So just what is this thing called Google anyway? It’s the following…

Google Docs – effectively enables a network of people to create a virtual office – a networked repository for information. Store Documents, spreadhseets, schedule calendar events, meetings etc.

Google Keyword Tool – how cool is this? We all know, because we have long been told that keywords are critical. Critical for your website copy, critical for your Google Adwords and, ever more so, critical for your blogs.

Google Keyword Tool helps you choose the optimum keywords for your article giving it maximum opportunity to be found.

Google Alerts – this is becoming ever more useful. In these days of fast-changing constantly-evolving technology, it is hard to keep up. Innovations are hitting the marketplace on a daily basis from all parts of the world, so how do you keep up with what’s new? Google Alerts, that’s how. Simply filter what you are interested in and hey – you’ll be alerted.

Google News – And while we’re on it, when have you got the time to keep up with the news? The news on the telly is one thing – but that thing is a mere distraction – what about news that affects your industry and indeed, that affects your “followers” (we can use that term “followers” these days – I guess The Bible was right all along). How impressive would you look when you can blog regularly and consistently about the latest technological advances in your field? You’d look like a top well-informed expert that’s what!

Google Reader – similar to Google News but with a great filter that picks out articles or blogs relating to your chosen subject so you can not only keep up with the news, but also with the commentary.

Google Places – Don’t tell me you haven’t got yourself listed on Google Places yet. This is a free service that enables Google to pick up what users are searching for and, by identifying your area through your I.P. Address will list the most relevant Search Results LOCAL to you. Seriously, you need to be listed in Google Places.

Google for business

And now Google+. Ok, Google are having to play a bit of catch-up here, but they are equal to the task. Facebook has set the standard for this but there is sure to be an almighty battle for your time and your data as Google+ exits its introductory phase and opens up to global adoption. And websites, that, let’s face it, have taken a bit of a battering lately as companies prefer to market themselves by their Facebook tag, now have a chance to add a Google +1 button which is already showing a manifold increase in website visits. Watch this space.

So how well do you know your Google? Perhaps just that little bit better now… but I’d keeping watching this space.

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