Is Blackberry in a jam this summer?

by Kesh Morjaria on June 23, 2011

Is Blackberry in a jam this summer?

Ah, the British summer – music festivals, BBQ’s in the garden, torrential downpours, and Wimbledon on the telly. Strawberries and Cream all round?


Unless you’re Blackberry.

Y’see, the summer is a difficult time for the mobile phone industry and it’s customers. The reason? The whole world is stalling on contract renewals as they await the release of the next version of the Apple iPhone.

The iPhone is scheduled to appear late September by all accounts and such has been the phenomenal success of previous versions of the iPhone that mobile phone users will not commit to anything else until they see what’s on offer from Steve Jobs’ crew.

Squashed Blackberry - is it just child's play?

This situation spells real danger for Blackberry. News is coming out that Blackberry’s sales are plummeting – down 21% and falling with gravity. Once the market leader in mobile phone technology, now they are one of the ever-growing band of followers. You can add HTC, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, etc. to the list of followers, it’s all the same .

Apple leads. The others await – then follow.

And such has been Apple’s domination of innovation over the past few years, that it is very difficult for its competitors to steal a march – simply because they don’t know what the fast-moving target will be each year.

The result is, consumers hold off their purchases, preferring to wait to join the long queues of people eager to own the year’s next cool item from Apple – after all, we all want to be seen as leaders – not followers.


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