by Kesh Morjaria on June 5, 2011

Is your business as liked as Starbucks?

Have you noticed the increase in the number of superbrands (e .g. Starbucks) that are using their advertising and marketing streams to drive traffic to their Facebook Page instead of their website? Having spent thousands of pounds to develop a website but directing their customers to a free social media platform is madness isn’t it? Actually it isn’t. They and other businesses who follow the same strategy are realising that engaging with customers on social media is a super smart strategy! Let me explain why….

Starbucks’ Facebook presence in conjunction with their other on and offline marketing provides them with opportunities to;

  • Attract new and existing customers (traffic)
  • Convert this traffic into Facebook ‘Likers’ (a receptive audience)
  • Communicate regularly with a receptive audience
  • Convert and retain their audience as loyal customers
  • Reap the rewards of their customers acting as an assertive (yet FREE) sales force for the company by recommending them to their own Facebook connections (Facebook Page comments are shown to connections from within the personal Profile newsfeed)

It Is such a simple concept, yet so many business owners and even more surprisingly CEO’s of medium to large companies  are failing to grasp not only the value but the necessity of incorporating social media into their marketing plan.

Take a look at Starbucks’ Facebook Page and I think you’ll agree that they are not only a respected global brand but they have also built a successful Facebook presence.


Your balance sheet may not equal Starbucks’ but being a superbrand does not grant them any advantages when it comes to their social media success. Starbucks have not achieved anything from their Facebook presence that your business couldn’t.


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