Why We Love to Hate Cold callers?

by Kesh Morjaria on April 3, 2011

Why do we all find cold calls irritating? If you’re working on an important task is it not frustrating to be interrupted by unwanted telephone calls? But don’t you find that it is even more annoying when our leisure time is disturbed by a business wanting to sell us something!

Surveys have found that the most common thoughts on receiving cold calls are…

  • Resentment that sacred time and space has been invaded
  • Annoyance at being called and given a presentation without our permission
  • Indignant at being subjected to a sales pitch about something we may not have any interest in
  • Cross that the cold caller asks questions of us without answering any of ours
  • Furious about how they got our number and irritated as to why this call was allowed through
  • Suspicion that we are on some else’s agenda

One of the mains reason why I dislike cold callers is because I consider them to be one of the biggest wastes of my time in business! If businesses who employ cold callers are selling something that is so useful for me, how come I do not know about them? Why aren’t people in my social groups talking about them or their product? Where is their Facebook Page so I can see how they present themselves, engage with customers and promote their products?

Why are so many businesses making it so hard to buy from them? If a decision maker’s first introduction to a business is via an unwanted distraction, they won’t be receptive to hearing any more about how great the product or service is.

However, social media provides businesses with the opportunities to receive a much warmer response to their promotion and in some case actually influence the decisions being made.

How many other free advertising mediums do you know that enable decision makers to decide they want to buy from you before they realised they needed what you offer?

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