How to Spot a mediocre CEO? -

by Kesh Morjaria on April 19, 2011

We have all seen how some companies zoom ahead catching people’s imagination while companies with better or similar products or services struggle – .  What could be the reason?

Most CEOs are mediocre  because they fail to …

  • Hire the right people – basing their decisions only knowledge and skill without considering attitude, passion and enthusiasm.  (Apple, Amazon, Zappos, have highly passionate people, in all key positions).  These people are creative, use initiative and deliver without the fear of failure.
  • Plan or take the so-called easy highway – that is to rely on other people’s (or companies) plan.  For example, of giving marketing instructions to their IT department or web-developer based on what other businesses are doing. (every business, like every human have very different issues and how they react to this issues is very different too)
  • Keep the company of successful people – networking, reading, hanging-out, socializing, etc…

Now that you know how to spot a mediocre CEO, you will most probably find that he/her is surrounded by mediocre people…

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