Average Business? Why You are not alone!

by Kesh Morjaria on April 30, 2011

Imagine for a second that you have not eaten a decent meal for a few months and are desperately hungry.

Then suddenly you receive two offers;

  1. A demonstration showing you how to cook a decent meal.
  2. A decent meal prepared and ready for you to eat.

You may recall the saying “Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day – teach him to fish and he will never be hungry”

While the first option leave you hungry for longer, you’ll be furnished with skills and knowledge ensuring you won’t find yourself in this situation in future.

  • Only the bravest Business  consultant will offer you this option as their services may never be required again – (however companies that build and nurture relationships with these consultants go on to become super successful as they understand things are changing faster than ever before)

The second option is likely to be the more tempting initially especially if you haven’t eaten for a while but it only offers a quick fix. It’s a short term solution to a long term issue.

  • The danger is that we naturally become  dependent on this consultant,  inevitably ending up paying more in the long term but in return you’ll be receiving less or no value/ROI.

Although instinctively we all understand this simple logic,  why do most of us in business utilise short-term “ready for you” solutions from consultants?

Is it because brave consultants offering option one are so rare? Maybe it is that we do not realise option two might  cost more long term? Do we lack time and patience so succumb to instant solutions?

One thing is certain – most business owners do seek the instant solutions so there should be no surprises as to why most businesses are average or below average performers.

I’ll leave you with another saying “Knowledge is power!” The first option gives you the power to sustain a long term strategy which benefits your business. The second option grants the power to the consultant ensuring you remain dependent on them thus ensuring their long term success. Which would you prefer?

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