“Over my dead Body”

by Kesh Morjaria on March 19, 2011

In the 1960’s when I was fifteen years old, I would visit my Grandmother who lived about 2,000 miles from my parents’ house. My Grandmother did not have a telephone in her house so if my parents wanted to get in contact with me while I was there, I had to visit her neighbour’s house to take the call.

My Grandmother was a proud woman and was stoic in her belief she did not need a telephone. She used to say to me “I have managed very well without one so see no reason why I need one now!” She was so determined not to have a telephone she even declared “this house will only have a telephone installed over my dead body!” I’m very glad to report that she is still very much alive and my beloved Grandmother now not only has one telephone, she has two! Nowadays she can’t imagine how she ever coped without the telephone!

Initially people were equally sceptical of mobile telephone and later, the internet. In my household of three we have three mobile telephones, one landline telephone, broadband and internet telephones for Skype etc. In the early days of emails I remember a business meeting in which the directors were trying to decide whether to give their staff access to emails – can you imagine not having emails at work today?!

Now the same scepticism is being applied to the use of social media by businesses. While many businesses are already active on social media, how long will it be before all businesses embrace social media and use it effectively?  Business owners who are already making use of the platforms are pushing ahead of their counterparts who are still debating whether it is right for them.

I heard a quote the other day which seems quite apt – “in this world there are three types of people; those who make it happen, those who watch it happen and those who wonder what on earth happened!” Unfortunately I can’t remember the author but if you think back to the early days of internet, those who made it happen grabbed all the best domain names. The same applies today with social media – the businesses who are making it happen are those already finding and engaging with their customers, building their reputations and getting ahead. Which type of person are you?

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