Can You Recommend me a ….?

by Kesh Morjaria on March 8, 2011

A few weeks ago I was asked for a recommendation to an Independent Financial advisor (IFA) by a business associate of mine who is now rapidly expanding his business into a global market.

He advised me that as his business is expanding, he wasn’t sure that his current IFA would still be the right person to handle his finances and wanted to seek a second opinion from an IFA experienced in working with larger businesses. I gave him the details for three IFA’s in his area.

To my surprise the IFA whom I was least expecting to get the work called me a few days later to thank for the recommendation as he had secured a deal with my business associate.

Out of curiosity I called my business associate to enquire how he had made his decision.  He told me that the due diligence had been quite simple. He had read the blogs of his chosen IFA and concluded that he was “on top of his game and could demonstrate this by the content of his blogs.”

This story has made me realise that being good at what you do isn’t enough in this online world. We now all have to be able to demonstrate to others that we know our subject and showcase ourselves as “Experts” online. As with the IFA, blogging is a good place to start. By writing helpful and informative blogs you can build confidence in your expertise in the eyes of your prospects. Quora and Linked in Answers are two of plenty other online platforms which you can use to demonstrate your knowledge. It’s definitely worthwhile for you to build in some online time into your week to help you generate new business.

Decision makers today have much less time so it should come as no surprise that often your online presence is used to determine whether a prospect will even make contact with you. The smarter businesses are using social media platforms to demonstrate their knowledge thus helping the decision makers to conclude they are the business they wish to deal with.

Are you demonstrating your knowledge online?

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