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by Kesh Morjaria on February 27, 2011

Like many other business owners it’s highly likely you will have already spent a lot of time trying to achieve a great ranking on Google for your business website. No doubt you’ve engaged the services of a Search Engine Optimisation Expert and paid lots of money to make sure you are using the right keywords in the correct ratios?

In order to maintain a good ranking, Google needs to see regular fresh content. Having a blog on your website is a great idea as each time you post a new blog entry or a visitor posts a new comment, it’s viewed a fresh activity by Google which bumps your website ranking up a few notches.

But consider this; Tweets and Facebook posts are now frequently appearing on page one of Google. Not only that but utilising social media platforms which welcome your content including use of links (unlike other high ranking websites which actively discourage it) will not only increase your Google page rankings but place you right in the centre of the community where your customers spend a lot of their time.

Here’s a few tips to maximise your visibility;

1)      Have a blog on your website and update it regularly. End each post with a question or request for comments because the more comments you receive, the more active your site will appear to Google.

2)      Promote your website on your social media profiles and promote your social media profiles on your website. This is known as ‘trading links’ and back links to your website will also count as fresh activity.

3)      If you ever read a blog written by another person, leave a comment and your website link as a footprint which counts as another back link to your website. You don’t need to write an essay – telling the writer “great post” is enough. They may well reciprocate on your blog which will create….yep you guessed it…..more fresh content for Google!

4)      In 2010 Facebook overtook Google for the number of searches carried out. More people these days are searching in Facebook rather than Google. If you don’t have a Fan Page for your business Facebook searches won’t find you. The bad news is that they will likely find your competitors instead and give them their custom.

Having a website with a high page ranking is important but it isn’t as important as it was five years ago. To keep ahead of the game, smart business owners are realising they have to be active on social media too if they want to be found by Google or Facebook easily and be trusted. Are you a smart business owner?

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