How big would you like your sales force to be?

by Kesh Morjaria on January 31, 2011

As humans, we often get attached to our favourite things in life. Whether it’s Starbucks Coffee, iPhone, Kindle, our Jimmy Choo shoes or Louis Vuitton bags

Have you noticed how seeing and hearing about what other people are enjoying suddenly makes us feel we need things that we probably didn’t know about or need before? When something becomes popular it suddenly goes to the top of our ‘must have or do’ list.

Once we get attached to these items, we begin to extol their virtues to everyone around us and convince them that they too would benefit from having these for themselves.

Successful businesses have been building relationships with their customers since time began. A happy customer is a vocal customer and can develop into an extension of the business’ sales team when recommending their business to others.  These days social media has made it much easier and quicker for customers to spread the word about you to their contacts.

No wonder being involved with social media is seen by many businesses as being a valuable gift. Social media is known as the 21st Century word of mouth after all!

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