21st Century Word of Mouth

by Kesh Morjaria on January 24, 2011

Today (and trending), there is so much choice, so many brands, so many features and offers and these can lead to confusion for purchasers. No wonder more people are now relying on personal recommendations to assist them with their buying choices.

One of my colleagues had a leaking bathroom tap. She called a Plumber who appeared to be respectable and knowledgeable. The price they quoted was reasonable so my colleague hired them to repair the leak. Two days after the tap had been ‘fixed’ it burst and ended up costing my colleague even more money to find another Plumber to repair the original fault and sort out all the damage the leak had caused. She regretted not asking the people she trusts to recommend a reputable Plumber earlier.

I was once offered a five star hotel in Kenya for a fraction of the normal cost. I checked the reviews on the hotel’s website but I was sceptical about how honest they were. When I checked this hotel’s reviews on various independent sites I realised my scepticism was justified. Although I didn’t know the independent reviewers personally, my trust in their judgment came from the amount of information about themselves they had shared on the site. Through their profile I was able to contact them directly to verify their review further should I wish to.

In both cases, to avoid the pain of further complications we wouldn’t have objected to paying a premium for peace of mind by seeking recommendations from someone we trust that has already employed the services we are seeking.

If you are in business ….

  • Does your service or product have a buzz that compels other people to talk about you spontaneously?
  • How well are you providing your customers an independent platform to share their reviews of what you do?
  • Are you capturing and monitoring these reviews?
  • How are your clients communicating with your prospects and where are they doing so?

The answers to these questions will depend on how well you are managing your 21st Century word of mouth marketing otherwise known as social media marketing.

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