Take a pint of belief and add a jug of transparency – a recipe for success in Business

by Kesh Morjaria on December 11, 2010

Take a pint of belief and add a jug of transparency – a recipe for success

When I was at the hospital recently having a routine blood test, a nurse very gently inserted the needle and filled two vials of blood from my left arm without me noticing anything. She then took the cotton pad and placed it over the spot she had inserted the fine needle.  She instructed me to hold the pad in place firmly to stem the bleeding. I followed her instruction but was only using a light touch to keep it in place. The nurse noticed this and told me off. She said “keep pressing hard or you will bruise and then YOU WILL blame me for it”!

I appreciate her making me aware of this as now I’ve realised why previous blood tests have left me bruised. However, until then the thought of blaming someone for my bruising had never ever crossed my mind.

Isn’t it strange that even though we strive to provide a good service to our customers, we assume that they are more likely to complain than complement?!  And even more strange is the fact that, if one complains, we assume everyone has, or will do, or thinking about it!

One of the biggest concerns that business owners have about using social media is that they feel it provides an opportunity for everyone to make negative comments about them publicly.

If businesses are good at what they do and provide a good service to their customers, I do not believe they have anything to worry about. The majority of people are appreciative and thankful.  In fact, businesses will be doing themselves a great injustice if they are not building their own team of “advocates” by providing satisfied customers with a platform where their feedback can be acknowledged and appreciated.

For the small minority of customers who may have a grievance, no business can stop them talking negatively about them regardless of whether this is taking place on social media.  However businesses that are represented on social media can not only respond quickly to negative comments but will also find their army of advocates getting behind them to defend their honour.

Should we not be nervous about doing business with companies that are not represented on social media?  I cannot help but believe that they may not have the confidence in their own product or service otherwise they would be actively promoting and engaging with their customers.

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