‘nothing’ multiplied by ‘lots of effort’ equals ‘nothing’

by Kesh Morjaria on December 29, 2010

Two critical questions to ask yourself to evaluate if social media marketing could be successful for your business;

Maximising presence; How many people do you think hear when a Market Trader shouts about their products?  What about if you gave them a megaphone?

Leveraging “Word of Mouth”: If one person loves a product or service they may tell a handful of others. However imagine if one person without any extra effort could tell thousands of people?!

Social media marketing works as a multiplying factor and therefore can deliver huge results, but only,  if your business has something worth shouting about! E.g. nothing multiplied by lots of effort equals nothing!

Have you got something you’re proud of to shout about? Is what you offer so compelling that others will want to talk about it?

Ponder over the following two questions before considering social media marketing to deliver success for your business……

1.       How confident are you in your business product/s or service/s?

2.       How confident are your clients in your business product/s or service/s?

Are you taking advantage of the opportunities social media marketing offers to you and your clients?

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