Why Businesses should Ignore Social Media

by Kesh Morjaria on November 21, 2010

We used to spend time a lot of time keeping in touch and communicating with people we cared for; associates, friends or family, etc.. by visiting, meeting and by talking face to face, however now we simply phone, tweet or send a message using unlimited Social Media tools at our disposal.

This must have saved us enormous amount of time – or has it?  Notice how quickly people fill their “saved” time with so many other things – they make even more friends and take on more hobbies. However, as they run out of time, they then look for better ways to save them even more.

People may be able to make money, however making time is proving to be even harder.  In larger cities people seem to be more unfriendly, this is probably because everyone seems to be rushing around to meet some kind of a deadline.

Businesses that have understood this fact are not only embracing Social Media Tools, but they are also constantly developing innovative ways to communicate even faster – (e.g. Amazon has just offered me their latest mobile app)

Businesses that do not value other people’s time should carry-on ignoring Social Media.

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