Social Media for Businesses – opportunity or threat?

by Kesh Morjaria on November 4, 2010

A few months ago I had Broadband problem with BT and Tweeted “BT broadband Fail” – I was naturally frustrated and wanted to “SHOUT” about this (someone once said to me ….  “When in PAIN – Share IT).

I noticed that I was being part of the statistic that say when one is unhappy with a product or service one will tell at least 10 others ( well in my case I felt even better – I was potentially “telling” thousands if not millions, that is,  if you take all the ReTweets into account)

What happened next was unexpected -within minutes, a real person (maybe a BT Social Media Manager), I forget the name, from BT, Tweeted right back

“very sorry to hear you have a problem – let me know and I will help get this sorted out for you quickly”

It took BT several days to sort my problem, however what the thousands of people saw was that BT let me down but they also saw how BT responded positively everytime –

After the problem was sorted, BT finally tweeted – “Glad to know your Broadband is working fine”

Now I got thinking, if I had simply told all my friends and family, BT would never have had the opportunity to demonstrate publically how much they care by responding quickly and even more, so personally. With millions of customers they have, I felt important.  BT clearly demonstrated publically that they care and do sort problems out (far more believable than advertising “we care” on a bill-board somewhere).

Social Media gives the opportunities to,  be transparent, be helpful, be responsive, engage, communicate, etc… however not all companies may feel comfortable with this and view Social Media as a threat or a waste of time.

if you are a business – let me know about your views about Social Media – opportunity or threat? ….

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