by Kesh Morjaria on November 8, 2010

Does What Others Say Really Matter?

When a business or a company lets one down, we can bet one will tell ten others but a good service is taken for granted and is not often shouted about.

When the iphone4 was introduced, a friend of mine was complaining to a group of people including me about the poor signal problems he had with his Iphone 4.  When I asked him if it was so bad, why has he not taken up on Apple’s offer of a full refund – he responded that he would never give his iphone back.  In this case from him, the pluses outweighed the negatives – Almost everyone complaining did not want to hand the iphone back but wanted the problem sorted.

This made me even more convinced to consider buying nothing but an iphone.

So how important is it for us, as consumers,  and for companies today to find out what people are talking about them, especially on Facebook and Twitter.  And how important do you think it is for the companies to be seen responding?

I would love to have your comments.

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